Changing form Standing Order to Direct Debit

A Standing Order is set up between you and your bank to pay Megganet a fixed amount each month. Only a client can cease a Standing Order, no one else. We have discovered that sometimes when a client askes the bank to cease a Standing Order, they dont always do it and Standing Orders continue to get paid. If this happens, go back to your bank and re try ceasing the Standing Order. If your bank does continue to pay us, we will refund you the over payment.

A Direct Debit is handeled from our end and is protected by the Direct Debit guarantee. Once again, if there are any genuine errors leading to an overpayment, we will refund it  or credit it without question.

We require all existing and new clients to pay for ongoing services by Direct Debit so if you are using Standing Orders, we will email you a Direct Debit signup form. Megganet uses GoCardless to handle Drect Debits so the fairley straight forward signup form will come from them.

Unfortunately we can’t control when Standing Orders transfer from your bank and sometimes during the change from Standing Order to Direct Debit there may duplicate payments if the Standing Order does not cease quickly enough. This will be classed as an overpayment and refunded or credited.

Give me a call if you need any help with this process.