Initial investment

Initially, you can opt to lease or purchase your phones outright. Most clients opt for the outright purchase model as it costs much less in the long term. We have a buy back policy at end of term. Your number porting to Megganet has a small fee and you may need POE switches. Everything is on our price lit intoe Downloads section. We don't charge for holding phone numbers.

Installation fees

Install fes are charged at normal call-out charge for your area plus labour. The Labour charge is on our price list in the downloads section.

Network & Call Quality Monitoring

Basic training will be carried out during installation. This covers the basics as well as transferring calls, handling messages and preventative maintenance. There is usually no fee for telephone support.

Recurring fees and billing

All recurring fees are billed monthly and paid for by Direct Debit. The fees are made up of the line rental (per extension) + calls. Your bill for any given month is to be issued at the beginning of the following month and be paid by Direct Debit shortly after that. You can check allyour calls etc, from within your control panel.