Move your phone number to Megganet

How to move your phone number to VoIP.

Moving your number is referred to as porting your number and we handle the complete process as transparently as possible for you.

First a word of caution, when you move your phone number to VoIP, the analogue it is provided on will be automatically canceled, so if you have a ADSL, FTTC or other service on the line, it will also be disconnected and any ceasation fees if any, will need to be paid.

Before ordering your upgrade from an analogue phone service to VoIP, you must make sure;

1 – You have an working internet service in place to connect your VoIP phone to.

2 – You have a VoIP phone with its configuration details or you have one on order (we pre configure your phones before we dispatch them).

3 – There are no other services using your analogue phone line (Red-care alarm, lift phone, medical emergency aids etc…). It is not possible for us to check whether or not you have additional analogue services on your phone line. If you have an additional system connected to your analogue line, you must contact each provider and let them know your analogue line is being replaced with FTTP so that they can offer a compatible replacement product. If you have an analogue product which is has no FTTP compatible replacement (medical emergency aid, lift phone etc..) we can provide an ATA which converts the old analogue service to VoIP (mains socket is required by this device). The cost of this is listed in the downloads section of this web site. This require an extension by itself so if you have a VoIP and an ATA, this will count as 2 extensions.

Once you have an FTTP or SoGEA service connected and working, then you can order your phone number to be transferred to VoIP.

The cost of moving to VoIP is independent of any internet fees and our current pricing and ongoing fees are all on our downloads page.


1 – Place your VoIP order with us – include your number and your selected phone(s).

This order requests your billing email address and mobile number. This is for us to redirect incoming calls to you during the switch over. When your old analogue service is terminated your phone number will not immediately transfer to your new VoIP service and having this facility means, you should not miss any incoming calls.

Payments for these services may only be made by Direct Debit and if you don’t already have one in place, we will issue one. If you have a Standing Order set up with us, you chould contact your bank and cease it as we are unable to accept payments made by Standing Order for VoIP services. A single Direct Debit covers all our services.

2 – If you don’t already have a control panel from us, we will provide you with one and send you your logon username and password.

3 – Fill in and sign your Customer Letter of Authority (CLoA) form. This will have details about your current phone line provider, services and options we need to provide you. You do not need to contact your current line provider. The CLoA grants us the legal right to transfer your number from your current provider to us.

4 – Once we receive your CLoA and have the Direct Debit in place, we will proceed with your VoIP order.

5 – We will arrange for your VoIP phone(s) to be collected/delivered.

6 – Login to your control panel to check for updates. Use the LOGIN link at the top of this page to get there.

The Without any hiccups, the process may take anything from 3 days to 15 days. From the time we place the order till it goes live depends on 3rd party’s beyond our control.

7 – You can have your VoIP phone connected to your router in advance of your service going live. Your phone will have been programed before you receive it so when your number completes porting, your VoIP phone will simply go live.


Our phone number porting fee is £20.

Our Yealink wired VoIP phones including a power supply start form £61.50 and our Yealink wireless phones start from £58.

Bear in mind, your broadband provider may have a notice period and a cessation fee -our notice period for out of contract internet services is just 30 days and our contract termination fee is £38.

For example – Number port £20 + new wired Yealink phone with power supply £61.50 = £81.50.


Each extension is £6 / month.

Each basic phone number we host is £1.50 / month.

For example if you currently have a single line one phone number and an internet service your fee would be;

For example, for a single VoIP phone/extension, the ongoing monthly fee would be £6 + £1.50 = £7.50 + calls.

Fees correct as of June 2025. For up to date fees after this time, visit our downloads page.

Prices are + VAT.