Get a new number

Get yourself a new phone number from Megganet

We can provide you with a new phone number. We don’t charge for getting you the new number but there is a very small monthly fee for hosting it. The cost of hosting of each number depends on it grade.

The quality of numbers are graded by patterns it them, how easy they are to remember and so on. They are graded as Bronze, Silver and Gold and the monthly prices for each are in the Downloads section.

New phone numbers may not be available for the smaller exchanges but you can have a phone number from any zone you wish. You may operate from Toombridge but have a Belfast number. We are presently unable to offer ROI numbers.

Get a number and auto divert it to your mobile

This is becoming a popular option. Yes, you can register your number with us and have incoming calls automatically diverted to a different number. This means, you can get a professional sounding  landline number and only pay the small number hosting fee.