How number porting works

What is number porting?

Porting your existing phone number is the process where the company that currently ‘holds’ your phone number transfers it to Megganet. The current ‘holder’ is the phone company that bills you for your phone line.

In order for Megganet to handle your VoIP we need to ‘hold’ the relevant phone number.

If you are a current Megganet phone line client then we already ‘hold’ your number and you don’t need to port it to us.

Why do we need to ‘hold’ your phone number?

We need to ‘hold’ your phone number so we can direct your incoming calls to your new VoIP system.

How do we transfer your number to Megganet?

We would usually request that you either fill in a standard Customer Letter of Authority (CLoA) or fill in and electronically sign it.

This CLoA approves us to request the number to be transferred from your outgoing provider.

We need the name and address of your current provider (most clients pass on a recent bill to us for this), the number(s) to be ported and a divert number. We will also need the address the phone number is to be used at – once again, this can be talked from a recent phone bill.

During the transfer process, your number is in limbo between your old provider and Megganet. During this time, we divert it to an alternative number so you don’t miss any calls. The divert number may be a Mobile number.

Where can I downloads a CLoA form from?

Our CLoA forms may be downloaded form the downloads link in the top menu.